Drug Use for Performance Enhancement

A lot of people have a need to improve their body physique making them go an extra mile of using drugs to improve it and enhance body performance. These drug substances include the steroids and SARMs. Both substances help in building muscles and burning fat in the body. SARMs is an abbreviation for selective androgen receptor modulators which is a collection of several compounds is more improved than the steroids because its side effects are minimized. SARMs and steroids help in building muscles by increasing testosterone which increases the rate of protein synthesis in the body cells hence building muscles and burning fat. This happens as they act on the body hormones. Steroids can also be used to relieve swelling and inflammation. Steroids can be administered both orally or via an injection whiles there is no need for injection when taking SARMs.

Steroids help in building muscles and burning fat although they interact with other body organs such as the liver, prostate, heart and the sex organs. Increased testosterone production by steroids significantly increases the body weight, bicep girth, quadricep circumference as well as the abdomen tightness. Steroid drugs are also believed to hasten recovery of injuries and burns. When one uses steroids, facial and pubic hair can rapidly increase, the voice deepens and their drive, ambition, and focus improves which are the most sought traits for males. Learn more about steroids at http://www.ehow.com/about_5341456_short-longterm-effects-steroids.html .

SARMs have been developed in such a way that they are more selective ensuring that one can take SARMs to burn fat and build muscles with minimum effects. They are quite effective in enhancing strength, enabling one to regain lean muscles and promoting muscle re-composition. One of the main performance enhancing SARMs is the Ostarine . Studies have shown that Ostarine has no side effects and is quite effective at building body muscles. SARMs bind to receptors demonstrating both anabolic and hypertrophic activity in muscle and bone hence ideal for treatment of osteoporosis and muscle wasting. SARMs have a high bioavailability in the body ensuring effective utilization and absorption.

Using SARMs and Stanozolol steroids will make one to acquire the dream body of more muscles, less fat and better bone density but have to be stacked to achieve the desired effects. One has to make the right decision to either use them or not. Doctors careful supervision should also be sought when using SARMs and steroids to always ensure that they check hormone levels to avoid imbalances.